Friday, June 10, 2005

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Review

Overview: You’ll either love or hate this show. It’s a Cartoon Network original series based in New Jersey. There are four main characters; Shake – a pistachio milk shake with an attitude, Meatwad – a meatball with no brain, Frylock – a large order of fries and the straight-man of the group (n/h), and Carl – the greasy, overweight, balding, middle-aged Italian landlord.

I would compare this show to Family guy, only with less concern for the plot, and with almost exclusively non-human characters, which allows it to be more ridiculous. Also adding to the show’s personality is the episodes only lasting for around 12 minutes. This allows the show to tackle twice as many important issues, such as shoplifting, vandalism, grand theft auto, alcohol abuse, and many others.

Among the all the episodes, I would have to rank the following three as three of the best:

1. Frat Aliens
After Carl installs a laser grid security system to keep the Aqua Teens from using his pool, frat aliens decide to crash the party. That’s all.

2. The Cubing
A multi-colored cube appears in the Aqua Teen’s front lawn, and claims to be the “Wisdom Cube”, the wisest being in the universe. The cube does little to bestow his limitless wisdom onto the Aqua Teens, and instead tells useless stories. “This one time I ate boiled peanuts…” I think we all know of at least one person like that.

3. Universal Remonster
After traveling eons across both space and time, two aliens use a stargate-like device called the “fargate” to get free cable from the Aqua Teens. The aliens don’t like what’s on TV, so they use the Universal Remonster (a teddy bear with remote controls for arms and legs) to change the channel.

Like I said, you’ll either love or hate this show. It’s on Cartoon Network weekdays from 11.00 – 11.30 central.