Monday, February 27, 2006

Slasher: Review

Despite the title, it’s not what you think, neither a really bad horror movie nor a parody by the Wayans brothers. This is a documentary about a car salesman that travels to Memphis, one of the poorest cities in the country, to try to sell a ton of cars in one weekend. Apparently, car dealerships do this kind of “slasher” sale all the time, and hire slasher salesmen from all over the country to boost sales.

The movie follows Michael Bennett, aka the Slasher salesman, and self proclaimed best Slasher ever. A Los Angeles native, the raspy-voiced, chain-smoking, alcohol depended, middle-aged husband of two brings his followers (a disc jockey that plays music at the car lots to promotes the sale to drivers by, and another salesman that closes the deals that the Slasher starts) along with him to assist in his selling of fine used automobiles.

You may be asking yourself, what makes people buy cars at these slasher sales? The almost false promise of getting a really cheap car (less than $100). One such family that bought one of these cheap cars gave it to their college-bound daughter, and the expression on her face when she saw her brand new shit box is priceless. She’s also totally embarrassed when her parents brag to all the section-8 neighbors about their $88 rolling turd. There are only two of these cheap piles of crap for $88, and the other car literally breaks down in the driveway of the family that bought it.

This is a good movie for a number of reasons. It’s amusing to watch the Slasher try to worm and weasel his way through a sale. The Slasher, the people buying cars, even the owner of the dealership are all entertaining in their own way.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Huge Announcement!

According to, drumrole please, David Spade's comedy special Take the Hit is coming soon to DVD! The comedy special debuted in 1998 on HBO, and has been pirated on every modern kind of media known to man (mp3, cd, audio tape, and even vhs) except DVD. It looks like we won't need to look for an illegal copy any longer, friends. Release date is April 11, 2006, run time is 60 minutes, and hilarity is guaranteed.

Link to the Amazon dot com page here.