Sunday, May 28, 2006

The New York Trip

I’ve been quiet lately, and I’m going to be quiet for a few more weeks probably. I hate making articles that are more like diary entries, but I’m going to New York City really soon and it’s going to be very awesome.

I’m going to do the usual tourist things like Empire State, Ellis Island / Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Ground Zero, and Times Square, but the highlight is going to be Mets vs. Giants (Saturday June 3rd), and Yankees vs. Red Socks (Monday June 5th). The timing of my trip is too good not to take advantage of these two games, and the only way to make it any sweeter is if the home teams pull out some wins.

So not that it matters, but I may not update for a while. Or, maybe I’ll update way more often than normal if I have some spare time when I’m in the Big Apple.