Friday, July 28, 2006

Which Super Power Would You Rather Have?

For the sake of argument, we’ll assume that you can only have one power, unless there are some listed together.

Super Vision (Heat, X-Ray and Telescopic) & Hearing
Wolverine’s Claws
Invincibility (Bullet and knife proof skin)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Reviewed

Another great movie from director Gore Verbinski (The Mexican, The Ring, and original Pirates), though I’m not sure how great because when I saw it on Saturday July 15th, I was in the second row so the whole thing was like reading the beginning of a Star Wars movie.

From what I can tell, the movie was very well directed and written, the acting and effects were great, and the music, costumes, make-up, and everything else were all outstanding.

I would compare this movie to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Episode 5). The plot advances in a natural yet fast paced manner, and leaves a lot to be resolved in the final movie of the trilogy (which contrary to popular belief has NOT been filmed yet, it is being filmed right now).

There are some great new characters introduced, including some kind of Hoodoo/Voodoo/Witchcraft chick (which would be really hot if not for her rotting teeth), but I’m not sure which actress it is. Also, there are some unlikely characters returning that play a huge role.

Without giving anything major away, Jack Sparrow has to repay a debt to an undead (maybe?) Davy Jones, and manipulates everyone else into helping him. There’s plenty of swashbuckling, pirate trickery, and unexpected twists. If you liked the first Pirates, you can be absolutely sure the second will not disappoint.

So far the movie has been a huge success, setting all kinds of records including the records for opening weekend ($135 million), single & opening day ($55.8 million), largest Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday gross, and is currently #21 on the list of all time domestic grossing movies with over $305 million, and it’s only been out two weeks! So I was wrong about Superman being the Spiderman-squasher, but I can’t think of a better movie to take down Spidey (at least until Spiderman 3 comes out in March), except maybe for this movie.

I’m forced to defer my rating of this movie until I have a chance to see the movie from a non-skewed perspective, but trust me when I say that you must see this movie, but only after you’ve seen the first.