Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Best Cartoon / Adult Swim Shows

The criteria for being on this list is very simple; the show must last more than one season, and the show must be consistently funny.

1. Futurama
2. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
3. Family Guy
4. Squidbillies
5. Metalocalypse
6. Harvey Birdman
7. Venture Bros.
8. Robot Chicken
9. The Boondocks

I would have elaborated more, even made it a three part post, but I’m working on the HB awards which will be tough enough. Or should I bother, since it seems that blogging is pretty much dead?


Fitz said...

Sounds about right. You didn't mention 'The Simpsons", which was obviously an intentional oversight, and would certainly be #1. Some other potential oversights: Beavis and Butthead, Clone High, Undergrads, Ren and Stimpy, The Maxx, or HBO's Spawn (which I still have your copies of)

ATHF is hilarious, but it's a bit non-sequitor, so I can only stand so much of it.

Family Guy was really funny, and then it lost it for a while, but the more recent episodes I've seen have been good.

Squidbillies started off really strong, but seemed to fall off very quickly.

I've never seen #5, #6, or #7

Robot Chicken is amazing sometimes, and just awful sometimes. Kind of like SNL.

The Boondocks, from what I've seen, is more about pushing the envelope than, you know, entertaining.

Bill said...

If I was doing best cartoons of all time I would have absolutely put Simpsons and Ren and Stimpy in the top 5.

Undergrads was a great show, but it didn't last more than one season on TV, though I think it lasted for a while as an internet cartoon.

As for Squidbillies, you've just got to watch the first season and you'll realize that it's a very funny show.

flyno20 said...

Clone High was hilarious. I also like American Dad (probably more than the new Family Guy's)

I have the first 4 seasons of ATHF, but I cannot just sit down and watch them all at once, i am pretty sure i would go insane.

Boondocks is really hit & miss, and i have to be in the mood for "intentionally offensive" comedy anyway.

I say you should still to the Horri-Bill awards...i still read these blogs whenever there is a new post, i just haven't written any for several reasons