Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Zelda Twilight Princess – Reviewed (aka Post #100!)

Between Iowa and this video game, I’ve been basically removed from the real world for about seven weeks. Not too long before I went to Iowa I got the Nintendo Wii game system, and to sum it up really briefly; best video game system ever. Also, before this Zelda game, I had not played video games for about five years (and I had never played any of the Zelda games for any Nintendo game console).

The reason I liked this game is twofold. Number one; the unique controller (or wii-mote) makes for a very cool interface between you and the sword-wielding Link. Number two; the game was just plain fun. It was easy enough to follow, there were a few surprises, and it was enjoyable to play.

The new Zelda game starts out with a ton of training and setting up the main storyline, but once all that stuff is over with the real fun begins. Throughout the game Link will transform into a wolf, then back to human Link many (many) times. Both forms of Link have certain objectives to complete along with limitations and special abilities.

There are some very cool weapons you gain access to as you advance in the game, along with many different environments (such as a volcano, a desert, a snowy mountain, and an underwater temple), all of which propose their own unique difficulties.

I played the game for 72 hours before beating it, and that was with tons of help from the internets. That is the one gripe I have about this game, though it is a flaw of many video games (even the ones I use to play a long time ago), you either need to shell out the cash for the official strategy guide, or you need to get help from a website. If I’m not smart enough to figure it out on my own, then the game is too hard.

Now that I’m off my soapbox, this is the best game I’ve played since the original Resident Evil for the original Playstation. This game is as challenging as it is fun, and I give this game 4.75 / 5 stars! If you have a Wii (or Game Cube) definitely pick up Twilight Princess. Don’t bother renting it, unless you can actually dedicate 72 straight hours without sleep or eating to this game. And as crazy as it sounds, I’m actually going to play through it again, this time completely all the little extra objectives that are nearly impossible to complete.

Oh, one more thing. Horri-Bill Awards are making a come back, more details coming soon!


flyno20 said...

Never played Zelda games? Ever? Really?

Twilight Princess is the only one i haven't played extensively (my cousin has it, i beat the first dungeon and then stopped) but it seems to be real cool. I want it, just not right now.

I agree with what you say though, the fact that they make certain things so difficult that you have to look stuff up on the internet is ridiclous. I like trying to beat a game by myself, but it is very hard.

And trying to collect all the heart containers (and other random collectibles in games) would be 100% impossible without strategy guides.

ZukeMorty said...

The Wiimote seems cool, but I haven't convinced myself that it is enough to step up from the GameCube to the Wii. I am leaning more towards the Xbox 360 (but $400 is a good chunk).

It will be interesting to see if the new generation consoles hit a price drop anytime soon. They seem popular enough that the makers can hold out for a while. And it doesn't seem like there will be a plenthora of used systems available soon either. I guess I just have to bite the bullet and pay sticker price.

Looking forward to the HorriBills.

Bill said...

Morty - I Heard the price of the P3 may drop soon, due to less demand, resulting in lower manufacturing costs. But, a plus for you getting a Wii is that the gamecube games are compatible (I think).

ZukeMorty said...

I was going to ask you if GC games were compatible. But you have already answered with "I think so."

Maybe a PS3 price drop could spark the others to drop a little, too.

What did you pay for the Wii? $250?

Do you have any other games?

Bill said...

Wii was $250, and still is. Zelda is the only other game I have, but it comes with a Sports, which has baseball, tennis, bowling (which is the greatest) and a couple other sports games. I hear the new Mario game is pretty good too.

ZukeMorty said...

Yeah, I heard bowling is great. I can't really picture how, but nintendo does have a way of making really fun games out of things you wouldn't expect.

I stopped by the local Gamestop and they do have used 360's for $259 with everything but the harddrive.

flyno20 said...

The gamecube games are compatible, and you can use the GC controller to play the games as well

have you checked out any of the old games you can downloan onto the Wii?

Bill said...

I haven't checked out any game downloads, I think I'll be entertained enough with the games I get from the store.