Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Horri-Bill Awards Return

Categories will include WORST; Actress, Actor, Athlete, Movie, TV show, Man of the Year, Woman of the Year, Band/Atrist, and Honorary (aka The Craven). Leave your nominations in the comments section, along with your reason(s) for the nomination.


flyno20 said...

Actress: Kiera Knightly, she can't act but she is hot. Jessica Alba for the exact same reasons.

Actor: Orlando Bloom, Tobey McGuire for both being in lame 3-quels. And John Cusack, he usually sucks.

TV: That new show on MTV called Scarred, it is just sorta like a snuff film that only draws in the viewer to see gross stuff. And it's on before other shows i like so i have to usually see the end of it.

Man of the Year: Paul Wolfowitz, Floyd Landis, Pac-Man Jones, and all the guys involved in the Anna Nicole Smith fiasco.

Woman of the Year: Anna Nicole, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan because we hear way too much about them.

Band/Artist: Jay-Z, i heard his new album was terrible. The Police for being lame and reuniting.

Honorary: The NBA Finals, all the disappointing movies to come out recently, Alec Baldwin...i dunno, this is a hard category

Bill said...

flyno, pretty much all your nominations are dead on.